George O’Neill – Elite Maintenance

George O’Neill is the owner of Elite Maintenance who provide cleaning services and 24 hour lock smith service. George cites two main reasons why he decided to go for the Mobil-i GPS vehicle tracking system.

The first was for the ability to track overtime by his employees. Using vehicle start and stop time data it is possible to generate reports showing when and where drivers were outside normal working hours allowing overtime to be calculated. This data can then be used in a payroll system to ensure correct overtime payments.

The second was for the ability to be able to send his drivers the exact coordinates of an address location to the unit in their cab to allow them to find addresses which were not easy to pinpoint. George says that this has been a huge time saver as it avoids the need for his drivers to keep having to call in to the office when they cannot find an address on the ordinary GPS navigation system.

George was also full of praise for the Mobil-i team when there were some early teething issues with his tracking system he said ‘I understand that in a service business sometimes things don’t run 100% smoothly, we were extremely pleased with how the support and installation teams at Mobil-i worked to iron out the issues we had. I have been extremely pleased by the level of service and support that Mobil-i provide.”

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