Fitzsimons Insulations Delivers High Levels of Customer Service With Mobil-i Fleet Managment System
March 31, 2015
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March 31, 2015

hand with handcuff, arrestedOne of our clients who uses our tracking system to monitor site equipment recently had the misfortune of having the equipment stolen, this had the potential to be extremely costly in terms of not being able to complete their contractual obligations as well as the cost of having to replace the equipment and hassle of an insurance claim.

Thankfully with the assistance of the Gardai and the Mobil-i tracking system the equipment was recovered. One of the features of our system is the ability to quickly see location history which proved invaluable in this case of stolen equipment tracking. It allowed the Gardai to replay the route that was taken with the equipment which combined with their intelligence allowed them to locate the equipment and make an arrest.

This is just one way that our tracking system helps fleet and equipment owners have complete peace of mind. Regardless of the time of day or what else you are doing we have got your back.

If you have been thinking of extending the coverage of your assets to include equipment as well as vehicles now is the time to get in touch and give yourself peace of mind with stolen equipment tracking.