Keep Track of Your Motorcycle 24/7 with Mobil-i Motorcycle GPS Tracking










There can be nothing worse than investing your hard-earned money into a motorbike just to have someone come along and steal your pride and joy. Often if a bike is taken it can be very hard for the authorities to find it. Fight back and secure your peace of mind with a motorcycle GPS tracking device.

Mobil-i GPS Biketrack allows you to track your motorcycle from your mobile device or computer. We only use premium tracking units from one of the world’s largest suppliers of GPS tracking units, based in the USA. Our dedicated in-house development team is located in Dublin, with all tracking data securely stored in our Dublin data centre.

Here are some screenshots from our mobile app which show just how detailed our tracking service is.

motorcycle GPS tracking motorbike tracking unit motorcyle-gps-tracking track motorcycle










Our advanced low powered tracking unit features include the following:

  • Regular location updating while your bike is parked up (Every 6 hours)
  • Regular location updating while riding (Every 2km or 2 minutes)
  • Illegal movement alarm forwarded to your email/SMS address. I.e. the bike moved without the engine running
  • Motorcycle horn activated when bike moved illegally
  • Very low battery consumption while the bike is stationary (typically less than 5mah) – Less than most motorcycle alarms
  • Motorcycle GPS Tracking Unit can be moved from one bike to the other


Mobil-i tracking services allow for the following:

  • Tracking the history of your bike stored up to up to 1 year
  • Ability to view trips taken or days riding using both our desktop and mobile app
  • We allow for temporary or permanent grouping of tracked bikes so that bikers can easily track one another if requested.  Great for touring and ride outs.
  • If you have more than one bike with our motorcycle GPS tracking you can track multiple bikes using the same login
  • Friendly phone-based help desk support
  • If you sell your bike you can include the unit and the new owner takes over the unit and subscription


Motorcycle GPS tracking is available through our network of motorbike dealers.

To arrange for a free demonstration please call us at 01 8079806.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer then please contact us.