Tachograph Automation

Mobil Information Systems is delighted to announce that we now have the capacity to automatically download tachograph data (vehicle head and driver card information) directly to your PC or tachograph analysis provider in real-time. You will never have to manually download your .ddd files again.

Key Features

  • Remote authentication of the company card
  • Remote download of all compatible tachographs
  • Customizable download intervals
  • Secure & encrypted data transfer
  • Driver identification
  • Live tacho status on MS Track Web
  • Driver infringement notification via MS Track Web Push NOtification

How it Works

Mobil-i centrally hosts your company card which authenticates all download requests remotely. You can set your download intervals for both the driver and the vehicle files on our web interface. These files are downloaded and sent via the GPS Tracking device to our server. You can retrieve the files from our server or alternatively have them emailed to you or directly to your tachograph analysis provider.

Live tacho Status

Ms Track Web gives you the facility to view the real time tacho status of all drivers. Receive on screen and/or push notification alerts when your drivers approach infringement events.

Driver Identification

With a live connection directly to the vehicle tacho unit, you can view exactly who is driving which vehicle and their current tacho status in real-time. Driver Identification also allows you to report historically on driving behaviors activity and other key performance indicators.


Avoid vehicle and driver downtime


Secure tachograph data storage


All tacho files in one platform

In time

Receive your files on time always