Driver ID

driveridDriver ID identifies the individual driver of the vehicle, allowing you to keep record of each driver’s history, even though they might operate different vehicles.

A unique key fob is associated with each driver, and the driver is required to use the key fob for each journey taken in a company vehicle.

When the Ignition  is turned on the driver will have to present the key fob into the key reader, at the start of every journey.

In the event the key fob is not presented, an alarm will sound. The only way to disable the alarm is to present the key fob or turn off the vehicle.

Alarms can be forwarded should the vehicle drive without a registered Driver fobbing on to the system.


Panic Button / Privacy Button

panic_buttonA Hidden flip switch can be deployed  which once triggered can create an event within the system. This event can be immediately pushed out to multiple Phone Numbers and Email Addresses if required indicating a driver in distress.

This button can also be utilised to mask private usage of the system.


Vehicle Immobilisation

Car Wheel ClampBy sending an immobilisation  command from MS Track or by SMS, users can prevent a vehicles Start Motor from engaging, hence immobilising a vehicle. This can be reversed by sending the remobilise command.


Temperature Monitoring

temperature_monitoringRefrigerated temperature monitoring allows fleet managers to see current temperature, location, status and history reports of refrigerated  units on demand. This real-time information enables Fleet Managers to identify the location and status of each trailer, and to ensure proper temperature control.

Along with standard GPS Tracking information, every time our GPS unit sends an updated position of the unit, it also sends the latest  reading from every connected Temperature sensor, up to a maximum of 8 sensors.


CANbus Integration

Controller Area Network (CAN) Image, Connected CarModern vehicles use a CAN Bus to transfer information between the various electronic vehicle systems. This communication network can provide a wide range data that can be used to reduce running costs, improve driver safety, streamline maintenance processes and support environmental responsibility.

By deploying a CANbus integration device Mobil I can tap into this network and offer Fleet managers a rich resource of critical vehicle data to inform them on driver and vehicle performance.
Some of the information available from our CANbus system includes:

  • Fuel used
  • Fuel used when Idling
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Current fuel level %
  • Time in Cruise Control
  • Braking & Accelerating Events
  • Time in RPM High