MST Web is the full featured browser based software from Mobil-i. Designed to run on PC’s and Laptops with a full web browser. This state of the art software solution provides all you need to operate a fleet in today’s competitive business environment. MST Web allows you to do the following:


Reduce Costs

  • Maximise Fleet Visability; know the location of every vehicle in real time
  • Reduce Fuel Costs by reducing Idling times, non business mileage & after hours driving
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Reduce Unjustified overtime claims
  • Optimise vehicle routes








Enhanced Efficiencies & Productivity

  • Rapid response to emerging business opportunities
  • Accurate ETAs and enhanced on-time delivery performance
  • Dispatch the nearest vehicle to an ad hoc customer callout
  • Allow the customer to view the real time location of their delivery
  • Increase calls per day
  • Accurate Timesheets and Mileages



Manage Risk

  • Improved Driver Accountability
  • Ensure Vehicles remain in approved operating areas and timeframes
  • Eliminate Excessive Speeding
  • Improve Driver Behaviour
  • Secure Vehicles and their cargo
  • Reduce Theft & liability
  • Eliminate unauthorised vehicle activity
  • Protect your drivers from false alarms


Watch the Video Demo to Learn more about MST Web