iPhone, iPad, and Android apps from Mobil Information Systems

All Mobil I customers now benefit from our FREE range of Smartphone applications, giving you access to your vehicles information from anywhere!

Our mobile applications focus on extensive features allowing users to maximise their mobility when viewing day to day fleet management information. In so doing, the user is not bound to a desk, yet retains the capability to view current, historical and event report information on their handset.


MST Mobile allows you to:

MST Mobile makes access to important yet detailed information easy and empowers you to make on the spot decisions about fleet use and activities.

  • Locate a vehicles current location and status
  • View Customer Site Details
  • Review Vehicle History
  • Review Detailed Vehicle Trip Summaries
  • Review Historical Route Snail Trails
  • Send GPS Coordinates of a vehicles location to another recipient
  • Navigate to a current vehicles location using onboard Google Maps
  • Request / Schedule a Report on Fleet/Vehicles Activities

Watch the Video Demo to Learn more about MST Mobile

MST Mobile offers a feature rich user experience which gives a native, intuitive app environment you won’t find with a web application.

Access MST Mobile

MST Mobile Android – Google Play

MST Mobile IOS

iMobile Pro (for older IOS devices)