Fleet Management Solutions – Mobil-i

Managing your fleet on a daily basis can be challenging. Knowing where each of your vehicles are and being able to schedule work and deliveries is just one part of it. How can you be sure that your drivers aren’t speeding or that they are staying legal in terms of working hours?

You need a system that can be your eyes and ears and ensure that you don’t get any nasty surprises

Mobil-i empowers you with a state of the art fleet management system that is as flexible to fit in to the way you work. Whether you are office based or out on the road you can have Mobil-i right with you keeping you informed and up to date every step of the way.

When you become a Mobil-i customer there are 3 simple steps to get you up and running:

  1. MST ProThe first step is for us to install a tracking device into each of your vehicles.
  2. We will then give you a website link and secure login for MST web that you or your remote workers can connect to from any web browser. If required we can install MST Pro for use in your office on your desktop computers.
  3. Finally, you can install MST Mobile from the Apple App Store or Google Play on your phone or other web-enabled devices. This enables you to track your fleet from anywhere that there is network coverage.

To learn more about the different parts of our system please select from the options on the right.

Mobil-i - Information Systems combines GPS tracking

Mobil Information Systems combines GPS tracking technology with cellular communications (satellite communication also supported), which record live details of the vehicles in your fleet.

This data is then stored in your database where it is accessible from MST Pro, MST Web, and MST Mobile.

Depending on your requirements you can then use these tools to improve your mobile vehicle and asset utilization, productivity, and security, anywhere in the world.