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  1. Fuel costs
  2. Vehicle maintenance costs
  3. Employee Wages
  4. Administration

4 Reasons why you should choose Mobil-i vehicle tracking

  1. In house development and technical support
  2. Custom development
  3. Flexible financing options and no lock in
  4. Access to your data from web, desktop or mobile device to use your mobile we offer all 3 options as standard for no extra cost.

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What our clients have to say

  • “Sometimes we get issued fines or people make bogus claims against our vehicles. In this situation I am able to use the vehicle tracking history to determine whether or not the vehicle in question was in fact in the location claimed or not … in a lot of cases we have had fines squashed or claims disproved”
    Conor Sunderland, Transport Manager
    Thorntons Recycling Ltd
  • "Before I put the big screen up theengineers realised that I wasn’twatching the system closely andsometimes liberties were taken”
    “Now that we have the screen inthe office the drivers know thatthey are on full display. It keeps them honest”
    Philip Cassin
    Gas Services Ltd
  • Some of the other tracking solutions in the market place just give you the option of a web based interface.
    I wouldn’t feel happy relying solely on this and like the flexibility of being able to use the web and desktop application.
    Cora and Alan Sherwood
    Irish Towing Services
  • George O’Neill is the owner of Elite Maintenance who provide cleaning services and 24 hour lock smith service. George cites two main reasons why he decided to go for the Mobil-i GPS vehicle tracking system. The first was for the ability to track overtime by his employees. Using vehicle start and stop time data it is possible to generate reports showing when and where drivers were outside normal working hours allowing overtime to be calculated. This data can then be used in a payroll system to ensure correct overtime payments. Read more
    George O'neill
    Elite Maintenance